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Hi there,

my name is Antonella.

I am now a full time traveller and this is my Travel Blog!

In this place you can find suggestions, tips and adventurous stories about travelling alone and on a budget…and much and much more.

A Fugitive Traveler is who escapes from everyday life to travel the world, for discovering new cultures, learning new things and opening his/er mind to live new and exciting challenges.

About myself


I discovered my passion about travels at 10 years old, when I started travelling alone for educational summer camps in Italy.

I had my first adventurous travel abroad at 17, with a friend of mine, travelling by ferry to Greece. We arrived at night without a place to stay and with no idea about where we were.

Since then, I lived in 4 countries and 3 continents. I travelled on my own to Cuba, Brazil, India, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Tanzania and all over Europe, because certainly, travelling it is one of the thing I most enjoy in this world.

It makes me feel happy, positive, curious and free.

A part for being a trip lover, what I really enjoy doing is first of all: learning from others (I assimilated four languages travelling) and writing (I have been writing for 20 years for local newspapers, on-line magazines and EXPAT blogs). Furthermore I am very sensitive to issues of social justice and equity.

On the other side, I am an industrial engineer. I worked 1 year and half in Italy in the space and defence sector and 4 years in the UK in a furniture multinational.

My life was no so bad, I got a great job, but every day looked the same. I was a modern victim of overthinking and to cultivate my passions was not longer enough for my happiness, so I made the decision to follow them full time to enjoy my life.

Therefore after more than 5 years working in a office I decided to quit my permanent job to travel the world on a budget.

Why to travel the world?


There are no particular existential reasons behind my decision. I don’t need to find myself. I know who I am.

It is all about the need of freedom, the curiosity to discover new places and cultures, the wish to follow the summer around the world and to live outdoor, to breath slowly and pay attention on what is around myself .

It is the desire to slow down the rhythm of modern life and live without every day worries and pressures.

I believed that to be happy was necessary to be a business woman, buy a house and a lot of new cool stuff. My life was moving in that direction, but I suddenly changed my expectations, because I was not satisfied. I felt like there was something missing. For every goal achieved I always used to create a new unfulfilled desire to satisfy, generating new anxieties. Years spent living in a rush and with little time to devote to my passions, to look around myself and to understand my emotions and those of others. Basically I felt trapped by my “normal life” and because of this I decided to break the roles of being a “perfect woman” at all costs. I realised that I would have felt much happier exploring the world and living the present without too many worries for the future.

It ‘s true when people say you only live once. One day my entire life will flash before my eyes and I want just to smile and enjoy my show.

Get inspired with Fugitive Traveler


Travelling is not so expensive and it is not so dangerous as you think, also for solo female travelers like me.

The courage to give up the normal life or take a long break from work for travelling the world it is much easier of what you think.

There is always a way to find a cheap place to stay or free food and accommodations if you want to travel on a budget.

You need to bring with you only your sense of adventure.

Fugitive Traveler can help you to find out more about the destinations you are going to visit and provide you suggestions to travel as a local.

In this blog:

  • Destinations all over the world
  • Travel tips, suggestions and advises
  • Trip planners
  • Expat/live abroad
  • Traveller’s horoscope

My favourite quote:


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain.