10 tips to learn a language while traveling

Rancho Luna, Cuba

Why to learn a language while traveling? Because traveling is the best free resource to assimilate a new language and culture.

You can practice with natives every day and learn from original and free sources.

Discover 10 simple advice to learn a language while traveling:


  • Get in touch with as many people you can. Talk to locals, listen and always ask questions. Immerse yourself in the culture and avoid spending all your time with other travelers.
  •  Add locals you meet on social networks is always a good idea to learn a language while traveling and don’t forget to join a group of language exchange on Facebook , to ask for help, learn from others and sort your linguistic doubts out . Add people also on Skype or Whatapp to talk in original language. You will have a lot of new friend in a flash!


Lisbon, Portugal

  • Listen local music during your journeys. In this way you can learn a language while traveling,  look on-line for lyrics (better if also translated in your native language) and just sing and enjoy yourself!
  • Write down everyday the new words you learn. If you spend 3 minutes per day writing and reading new words, you vocabulary will be surely richer at the end of the month.
  • Read local newspapers or go to the library to get some free books. Books for kids are perfect for beginners .


Cienfuegos, Cuba

  • Download free material from internet to improve your grammar.
  • Think or talk to yourself in the language you are learning.


Travel Guides

  • Download free apps on your mobile phone to practice on the bus or while you are waiting for someone.
  • Listen advertisements on radio, TV or You Tube. Ads must be clear, direct and understandable; because of this also the pronunciation is often very good. They are a big help to improve your vocabulary while you are learning a new language abroad.


TIPS: to learn a language while traveling always be patient and maintain your motivation, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, ask questions and accept corrections. You will enjoy your learning and see your improvements!

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