Living abroad as an EXPAT. Guidelines.

Living abroad is so exciting, but what to do before to leave? Which documents you will need to permanently live abroad?

Below few suggestions to smooth some of the hardest moments of an expatriate starting his adventure abroad: travel organisation, job searching and culture integration.

  • Choose your destination and make a travel plan, write down useful information about your new location (addresses, telephone numbers), everything you will need and the associate costs (visa, vaccinations, registrations) and by when you must get them done.
  • Check on-line if you need to apply for a VISA. Search on Google, for instance: “Apply for visa to India or Indian visa application”


Tourist Indian Visa

There are different kinds of visa: permanent and temporary, single and multi entry. 

Think about how long you would like to stay in your destination and check on-line the requirements needed and the procedures to follow in your specific case. This will depend on the passport/s you own.

If your goal is to get a permanent visa and you do not satisfy all requirements yet, don’t lose your heart and apply for a temporary one, then ask to extend it using a “visa run”. This is applicable when you move abroad with a tourist or temporary visa, and it consists in renewing you residency permit just after leaving the country for few days. 

For some visa and countries you can apply on arrival, but also this will depend on you nationality.

Examples of visa: student, tourist, personal, work, residence, temporary work, partner, marriage, skilled, work holiday, pensioned, business, etc. Check all info on the official embassy website.

  • Check your passport (expire date) and call a vaccine centre to confirm the vaccinations required before to leave.
  • Get informed on culture, tax and low. Find out how to open a bank account, investigate if you will need any registration (job centre, tax centre, foreign abroad register, etc) to have the right of living abroad. Don’t forget to verify how public transportation and services work. 


Public transport in Rio de Janeiro

  • Check all documents and permits you need to legally live and work where you are moving to. Join a expat group on Facebook and ask for help.
  • Verify if you need a medical insurance.
  • Take medicines with you.
  • Practice the language before travelling.
  • Look for an accommodation

Get ready from home, before living abroad, and rent your flat on-line or just have a look to have an idea about prices, deposit and notice period: ask on line! From Expat websites or Facebook pages you can get the best advice. 

In alternative you can find a place to stay only for few days and at a later time look for a permanent accommodation directly on site, internet is plenty of advertisements. In this case you’ll have as benefit to personally view where are you going to stay.

  • Save enough money for your first month of stay and take into the account the expenses on your travel plan.


  • Think what to do there:

1) Leave as volunteer! Interesting programmes are offered by many associations in beautiful and fascinating countries. You will have an unforgettable experience, getting a free accommodation as benefit.

2) Look for a job: from home, using job seekers or choose to look directly on site. Much depends on what you are good at doing, on your language skills and on your motivations. It’s a mix of everything.

3) Work in exchange for free accommodation. You can try in hostels, restaurants or fields for example.

4) Work remote as freelancer. You can translate tests, work as data entry or offer consultancy for example. Get started creating an account on a freelancer website.

5) Teach English or your native language abroad or on-line. Often the only thing you need is be fluent. 

  • Immerse yourself in culture and traditions, ask questions and advice to locals, talk a lot and practice the language every day.
  • Be socialMake both local and foreign friends. It’s important to be into the local culture and to have local fiends, but meet foreign too, your mind may need to escape sometimes.

Living abroad is it not often very easy. Of course you will have a lot of benefits, but hard moments too, this is why is so important to make new friends and help each other.

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