Traveler’s Horoscope: Perfect trip for each zodiacal sign

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Traveler’s Horoscope: characteristics of zodiacal signs and their perfect trip!


Courageous, determined and confident  loves new challenges and original trips. Sometime impatience and aggressive, Aries put enthusiasm in everything does.

Perfect trip: South Africa, Safari and Cape town to be adventurous and to party all night.



Patience, stable and responsible, sometime possessive and uncompromising.

Perfect Trip: Crete (Greece) to chill out among ancient art, delicious food and beautiful beaches.



Curious, quick learner, smart and charismatic. Loves socialising but sometimes is inconsistent, indecisive and gets bored very easily.

Perfect Trip: Miami (USA) enjoy yourself between trendy beaches and cool nightlife.



Emotional, sympathetic and sweet but also insecure and lunatic. Hates criticism.

Perfect Trip: Cancun (Mexico) for relaxing on the beach, eating great food and clubbing sometimes.




Strong, passionate and generous, but can be also arrogant and inflexible.

Perfect Trip: Sidney (Australia) for shopping in town or chilling on the beach, it’s the perfect place to be comfortable and stay cool.



Loyal, tidy, analytical and practical, but can also be shyness and over critical.

Perfect Trip: Venice (Italy) to relax among historical sites, beautiful landscapes and nice food and wine.



Diplomatic, kind, social and always available with people, sometimes indecisive and dislikes violence.

Perfect Trip: Paris (France) among fun, culture, good wine and elegance.



Brave, strong and passionate, sometimes jealous, wary and violent. Loves teasing if provoked.

Perfect Trip: Amsterdam (Netherlands) between transgression and alternative art.



Idealistic, adventurous, loves sports, animals and travels and has great sense of humour, but is also impatience and undiplomatic.

Perfect Trip: New Delhi (India) for a spiritual and adventurous trip.



Responsible, loyal, ambitious and with a lot of self control but can also be unforgiving and suspicious. Loves challenges.

Perfect Trip: Buenos Aires (Argentina) to discover warm people and challenge your fears.



Original, independent and humanitarian. Aquarius loves friendship and freedom, but sometimes runs away from emotional expressions.

Perfect Trip: Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) to party and share your life with people.



Compassionate, intuitive and sensitive, Pisces loves to dream and be a victim.

Perfect Trip: Ko phi phi (Thailand) to get the sense of the life and chilly on the beach.

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